Our Company


International Tech Corp. (ITC) generates renewable energy and develops sustainable practices that ultimately provide us with clean energy, fresh air, safe water and healthy food for today and our future.   We achieve our goals by helping businesses and organizations reduce their carbon footprint.


Who We Are

We are a dynamic group of designers, engineers and innovators that make a difference in our environment.  The ITC team and our strategic partners possess some of the greatest minds in the Environmental Technologies Arena with decades of experience in thermal recycling, air pollution control, waste heat recovery, water treatment, agriculture and soil science. 

At ITC, we engage in Green Power Production, Custom Manufactured Carbons, Alternative Fuels and Sustainable Economics.  Our core technology, the Thermal Recovery Unit (TRU), is a proprietary, unique and patented Pyrolytic Technology, which safely converts organic materials into non-hazardous, recoverable resources, such as, syngas, steam and char. 

Founded in 1997, International Tech Corp. is headquartered in Bend, Oregon.  Our solutions help the environment through thermal conversion, effective carbon sequestration, greenhouse gas reduction, alternative fuels, valuable carbon products, sustainability and food production.